A Portland, Oregon based partnership of two creative individuals shaping livable & virtual space since 2012.

Andy Price

Web Developer

My path to Web Development has its roots in Graphic Design. While studying for my BFA at Ohio University, my passions were typography & printmaking. I was fascinated with how words and images could convey a message and affect the interpretation.

After school, while working as a Graphic Designer in Portland, I became interested in Web Development. Through self-training and pure inspiration, I took on developing a website for my employer. Soon after I began to build sites in my free time. It was an instant fit - with my very first HTML page, I had fallen in love with the "magic" of code.

Now, nearly 20 years later, my understanding of Web Development has reached a level of expertise. My tool of choice is Drupal - an amazing open-source content management system that uses HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript to deliver SEO-rich content.

I draw on my graphic design training with every website I build. That training gives me an advantage over website builders who simply "code" because I am able to see and influence how the content is being communicated. I have the skills to take a project from start to finish, from conceptual design to code implementation. This makes me a perfect solution for businesses who want a great site without hiring a whole team of people.


Emily Dixon Price

Architectural Designer

I am a northwest native who has been designing space since age 5. It's something I do intuitively - I can't help but shape the environment around me.

After completing my formal training in Architecture (BArch WSU & MArch UofO), I practiced in Portland for a decade at both large & small firms - on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The diversity of this experience sharpened my skills in all scales and types of projects.

Now, as a mother of two, I prefer to do design work on my own terms and in my own time. Practicing independently allows me to focus on what I love - residential Architectural Design. I especially appreciate the smaller scale of residential work, a scale that insists you get into the details. I also cherish the opportunity to shape home spaces, which have an incredible impact on the quality of our lives.

I believe in close collaboration with my clients to develop their dreams for a project. I know firsthand that this successful collaboration in balance with a rigorous and thoughtful design process can produce work that is much more than the sum of its parts. My passion for architecture is fulfilled when I'm able to create quietly essential and beautiful spaces that are a joy to inhabit.


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