Kennewick Kitchen

This kitchen remodel went to the studs and involved extensive re-framing of the exterior wall. The results are a flood of natural light and an uniquely deep sill along the windows. The existing width of the room was tight, so the dimensions of the cabinets and island, as well as the placement of the appliances, were all carefully considered to allow comfortable movement both within and through the kitchen. This is a cooks kitchen - providing ample storage, and plenty of space to prep, while maintaining a smooth work flow. The style blends modern and traditional - maintaining a crisp, clean, and classic edge.

Heart IQ Network Website

The official website for Heart IQ network. Heart IQ is a practice that helps people to have "meaningful, heartfelt and authentic connections with themselves and others." This site serves as a marketing tool for Heart IQ and as a portal for their growing community. It features member profiles and events while also providing a sophisticated search tool for finding them.

Fremont Place Apartments

Emily designed and managed this commercial renovation for RB/A. The project took an existing low-ceiling second floor office space into a small collection of loft apartments. The spaces are compact, but laid out to take full advantage of natural light - while working in generous storage atypical for an apartment. The units are efficient, comfortable, and possess a spaciousness that belies their size.

Porta Kleen Website

The official website for Porta Kleen, an Ohio based portable sanitation company that offers services throughout the midwest. This site features a responsive theme, product features, company blog, and targeted SEO enhancements.

Newberg Wine Country Studio

This ground-up new construction guest residence (designed and managed by Emily while at RB/A) is situated to provide privacy from an adjacent road and future main house while taking advantage of the expansive territorial views. The simple exterior form unfolds to hold a gracious collection of spaces - an entry, bath, kitchen, living/dining, generous deck, and one bedroom - that are intricately nested together, yet generously proportioned. The style is modern, but carefully articulated with warm materials - to evoke the natural setting - without compromising the simplicity of the design.
Andy Price - Web Developer and Designer

About Andy

I earned a BFA in Graphic Design in 2002. My passions in school were typography & printmaking, and the work I produced was mostly hand generated. After school, while working as a Graphic Designer, I became interested in web design. Through self training fueled by pure inspiration, I took on web design for my employer and began to build sites in my free time. It was an instant fit - with my very first HTML page, I had fallen in love with the "magic" of code.

Now, nearly 18 years later, my understanding of web design and development has reached a level of expertise. My tool of choice is Drupal - an amazing open source content management system which uses HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript to deliver SEO rich content.

Although I am clearly a web designer who isn’t turning back, I draw on my graphic design skills with every site I build. That training gives me an advantage over website builders who simply "code" because I am able to see a project from start to finish, from conceptual design to code implementation. This makes me a perfect solution for large and small companies who want a great site without hiring a whole team of people.

If that’s you - please contact me. I’d love to collaborate with you...

Emily Price - Architectural Designer

About Emily

I am a northwest native who has been designing since age 5. It's something I do intuitively - I can't help but shape the spaces around me.

After completing my formal training in Architecture at Washington State University and the University of Oregon, I practiced in Portland for a decade at both large & small firms - on a variety of residential, commercial, and institutional projects. The diversity of this experience sharpened my skills in all scales and types of projects. Now a mother of two, I prefer to do design work on my own terms, and in my own time.

I strongly believe in close collaboration with my clients to fully develop their dreams for a project. I know firsthand that this successful collaboration in balance with a rigorous and thoughtful design process can produce work that is much more than the sum of it's parts. My passion for architecture is fulfilled when I'm able to create essential and quietly beautiful spaces that feel wonderful to be in.